Merlin Hub
September 2020

The first Sustainability and Mobility Office of the real estate sector is at Merlin Hub. It is a pioneering initiative, designed with the main goal of improving work commuting and reducing the environmental impact of the more than 100 companies and 30,000 employees that make up Merlin Hub community.

The Sustainability and Mobility Office (OSM) is a cross-service for all members of Merlin Hub. It provides customized solutions, like the development of specific mobility plans adapted to each case. It has a collaborative model and works through consultations and proposals from the mobility ambassadors of each company.

Additionally, the OSM informs about the offer of public transportation in the surrounding area: routes, timetables, modifications and lets you know the advantages and disadvantages of the different transportation modes. Furthermore, it disseminates the projects carried out to achieve sustainable mobility, and informs about responsible behaviors, positive health habits and respect for the environment when traveling.

The main goal of each of the measures is to improve the efficiency of the employees’ commute from home to the workplace and any commuting during the working hours, doing this safely and progressively.