Merlin Hub

MERLIN Properties obtained the AENOR certification of protocols and measures against COVID-19 that the company has implemented in multi-tenant buildings and business areas that are part of Merlin Hub, becoming the first real estate company to receive this seal.

With this certification, AENOR endorses best practices protocols for the management of coronavirus in its buildings and certifies that MERLIN Properties and its buildings have the maximum hygienic-sanitary certifications for its customers and users.

The protocols include a complete track record of areas such as occupational health and safety, cleaning, training, waste management and specific business risks. These protocols are also aligned with regulatory requirements set by national and regional health authorities.


At the Merlin HUB, people are our priority, and maximize their trust and safety in their workspace has been our main goal. Therefore, we have worked hard in implementing plans that include a wide range of measures, which are divided into two main groups:

  • Extreme sanitation of facilities, with special emphasis on common areas; as well as an increase in the number of gel dispensers distributed or disinfection with spray packs in entrances, elevators, toilets, etc. As for the lift cabins, the latest disinfection and air purification technology has been installed so that users breathe more purified air.
  • Implementation of distancing measures through the installation of screens or posters and informative vinyls.