Merlin Hub

The whole universe of Merlin Hub’s benefits, services and experiences is managed through the Merlin Hub App, an exclusive development so Users have a separate and distinctive channel where they can interact, manage their daily life and optimize their working hours: a digital ecosystem conceived to be the true heart of Merlin Hub’s community.

From exploring the Merlin Hub restaurants to managing the hiring of a carsharing vehicle, there is no doubt this app will be one of the most used by our users. Also, this app is the gateway to an extensive catalog of discounts and offers on consumer products and digital platforms like Amazon, AliExpress, or, among others.

From the Merlin Hub App, the more than 30,000 members of our community will be able to interact and manage their daily life in their workspace. These are its most important features:  

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In a digital ecosystem, physical media like cards and other devices make no more sense. The Merlin Hub App integrates among its main features access control to all 36 buildings that are part of the complex. Each user will have a digital card inside the app to enter and exit in a fast and comfortable way.



One of Merlin Hub’s revolution is its Mobility Strategy. And, inside that strategy, the app has the mission of bringing together on a single platform all the sustainable mobility alternatives. Carsharing, bikes and electric scooters, collaborative mobility with other colleagues… You’ll be able to centralize the management of all platforms from the Merlin Hub App. And, most importantly, you will only have to register once!


Merlin Hub App is the gateway for a unique benefits program. Thanks to our agreements with companies like Amazon, Expedia, Airbnb, Booking, or Glovo, all our users have access to a catalog of exclusive discounts, promotions and offers.



Obviously, Merlin Hub App will be a source of news, both regarding what’s going on in our buildings and other relevant content for our community. A window where you can check the activity, conferences and events program of Merlin Hub, get information about the opening of a new gym, or simply keep up-to-date.