Merlin Hub
30,000 opportunities to create a community

Merlin Hub has designed a full program of events and content to promote the interaction between users. You never know where opportunities lie, but at Merlin Hub, they can be around the corner.


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Merlin Hub is the largest European business hub, both by number of assets and by the nearly 30,000 people who are part of this community. Merlin Hub’s commitment is to boost interaction and networking through different tools, content, and experiences. During the working hours at Merlin Hub, we will offer you many chances to connect with other users, whether they are from your company or not, using technology, content, and shared experiences.

Event program

At Merlin Hub, there is always something going on. Exhibitions, gastronomy, networking, charitable initiatives… We want each day to be different and inspiring and that is why we have designed an program of events and experiences that will enrich your working day and (why not?) allow you to meet new people. This way, we came up with the idea of Merlin Hub as a neighborhood full of life, working as an ecosystem enhanced with activities and contents.

Merlin Hub App

Our app is, undoubtedly, the best way to be on top of everything that’s happening in different buildings of Merlin Hub and stay in in touch with rother users. The app allows you, among other things, to manage your mobility and together with your colleagues, find out where the next food truck is going to park or book a yoga class.


Flexibility is one of Merlin Hub’s hallmarks. LOOM coworking spaces will allow all users to have flexible workspaces in buildings other than those they occupy their offices.