Merlin Hub
The Merlin Standard

The best ideas come when you’re happy. That is why every corner of Merlin Hub is designed to inspire and offer the best possible work experience. From energy efficiency to our technological commitment, through the availability of services, flexibility, sustainability or mobility, each corner of Merlin Hub is conceived and equipped with everything you need to make your workspace truly your second home.

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The 33 buildings that comprise the Merlin Hub are positioned in prime locations in the northern part of Madrid, specifically in the A1 zone, the area towards which the business center of the capital is moving. But, besides the location, excellence at Merlin Hub is defined by its architecture and equipment, with refurbished buildings that are intelligent, predictive and sustainable; with flexible spaces that adapt to the user and the new work culture based on the elimination of barriers, networking and collaboration.

The figure of the Hub Manager, who is joined by a specific management and hospitality team unique in the office sector, proves Merlin’s commitment to working directly with the end-user to make their workday as joyful as possible and always comply with the MERLIN Properties Standard. A standard that can be seen, for example, in the hospitality program. All Merlin Hub members have access to added-value services to turn their working days into the best possible experience.

In this sense, Merlin Hub’s event program will make each day different. From yoga classes to Asian food trucks to smoothie workshops, users will have access to a diverse activity catalog and to the opportunity to network with other Merlin Hub members. The Merlin Hub App will be the easiest and most comfortable way to stay up to date with the events program, so you don’t miss anything.

Well Building Standard

The working space layout has a direct impact on our well-being and productivity. With this in mind, in 2014, the renowned Well Building Institute created the WELL certification for buildings, which allows them to identify, measure and monitor the effects of built spaces on the health and well-being of its occupants.

The WELL standard supports the existence of strategies, programs and technologies to promote an active lifestyle in addition to minimizing exposure to air pollution. Ultimately, it is a certificate to ensure health and well-being.

WELL envisages occupational health as a complex system, a welfare state that is supported by many factors: air, water, good, lighting, motion, thermal comfort, sound, materials, mind and community.

Air quality in the office through purification and elimination of pollutants.
Water quality and promotion of an adequate use thereof.
Recurso 8
Good eating habits.
Recurso 5
Design and lighting and control of the levels that optimize energy, mood and productivity.
Strategies to promote physical activity.
Recurso 3
A setting that feels nice, including the design standards and thematic and acoustic regulation.
Recurso 14
Relaxation spaces and cutting-edge technology to promote balance.
LEED Certificate

The LEED certificate (Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design) is issued to credit the use of different strategies that certify that buildings are sustainable. With this certificate, all buildings of Merlin Hub guarantee a high level of sustainability, with elements that span from building material optimization to the management of natural resources. In other words, with the LEED certification, we guarantee that each building has the minimum possible impact on the environment and people.

Water use efficiency, energy efficiency, mobility or innovation are elements that are thoroughly analyzed to obtain the LEED certificate.

AhorroEn agua EficienciaEnergética Selección deMateriales CalidadAmbientalInterior InnovaciónEn Diseño Hábitos Alimenticios
BREEAM International

BREEAM is one of the most demanding real estate sustainability certificates in the world. It pursues the construction of more sustainable buildings to reduce the environmental impact and promote greater wellbeing of those who work inside the building. It assesses the impact in 10 categories (Management, Health and Wellbeing, Energy, Transportation, Water, Materials, Waste, Ecologic Use of Soil, Pollution and Innovation) and gives a final score after applying an environmental weighting that takes into account the relative significance of each impact area. Each of the Merlin Hub spaces has a BREEAM certificate.


Every facility that is part of Merlin Hub has a DIGA certificate. It is a certification that values the accessibility degree of workspaces. It analyzes issues like accesses or routes to get to the building. It also analyzes in detail the architectural barriers, both inside and outside, the quality, adaptability and equipment of the toilets, the clarity and quality of signage, vertical transport, telecommunications, furniture, and common spaces.


A leader in the US, the DIGA certification comes to Europe with MERLIN Properties. This certificate establishes connectivity standards for buildings to guarantee the greatest data upload and download speed in every space, including common areas and external spaces. With this certification, Merlin Hub incorporates connectivity as one of the fundamental criteria of excellence, which is particularly relevant to the imminent release of the 5G technology.