Merlin Hub

The word “ecosystem” never made so much sense as it does now in the business world. Everything at Merlin Hub has been designed to reduce the impact of our daily lives to the bare minimum.

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MERLIN Properties, owner of all the assets of Merlin Hub, is truly committed to the sustainability of its portfolio, maximizing its efficiency in the use of resources. For that, the company focuses on the international benchmark standards in the sector.

MERLIN pursues the integration of sustainability in each of the phases of the life cycle of its assets, identifying and mitigating the impact of its real estate and involving each and every agent that intervene during management. The company integrates sustainability on the decision-making process, being aware of its influence in the improvement of the performance of the assets and the wellbeing of its occupants.

At Merlin Hub, we have made sure that our carbon footprint and that of our users are as small as possible. We want people to feel like their working hours have a reduced impact and that it is efficiency what really matters.


One of the main factors for our environmental impact is commuting to the workplace. At Merlin Hub, mobility is one of the strategic axes. That is why we offer alternatives to individual private transportation. From agreements with car-sharing operators to the creation of bike lanes, the promotion of the so-called carpooling or the installation of electric chargers in all parking spots, is materialized in the Office of Sustainability and Mobility or OSM. It is a cross-sectional service for all Merlin Hub members. The OSM offers customized solutions to improve the commuting efficiency of workers from their homes to their workplace, as well as any commuting that take place throughout the working hours.


Along these lines, at Merlin Hub, we work hard to obtain the LEED and BREEAM certifications. We want to establish partnerships with demanding tenants and advance, together in the creation of a first-rate portfolio in terms of sustainability. Currently, 61 % of Merlin Properties’ asset portfolio is LEED or BREEAM certified. In the case of Merlin Hub, this percentage increases to 67 %. Also, Merlin Hub has an Environmental Management System in place that is certified under ISO 14001 standard and continues to implement an Energy Management System under ISO 50001 standard.


Photovoltaic solar energy generation

Merlin Hub will be one of the world-leading companies in photovoltaic solar energy generation. There is a plan to equip all properties with solar panels to increase the level of self-consumption. In 2018, MERLIN Properties buildings collectively generated 2,113 Gigatons of renewable energy.

Urban gardens

At Merlin Hub, not only companies and people grow. Fruits and vegetables that our users plant, harvest and enjoy in our urban gardens also grow. Merlin Hub has an agreement with Fundación Juan Roncalli for the management and maintenance of the urban gardens, under which they employ people with disabilities. In this way, we promote integration and obtain an appetizing summer and winter harvest to which all our users have access. . We want this harvest to nourish the kitchens of Merlin Hub’s restaurants in the near future. The first two gardens of this ambitious project are in Vía Norte (LINK) and Avenida de Europa (LINK) and they produce more than 700 kg of fruit and vegetables annually. For 2021, the goal is to reach 5 tonnes of total production.