Merlin Hub
A technological hub

Technology is another element that make the 33 buildings of Merlin Hub a unique ecosystem. In all areas, from mobility to service management, technology blurs physical limitations and allows our 30,000 users to enjoy the same technological experience, no matter in which building they are located.


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Merlin Hub App

In this regard, Merlin Hub App is one of the main tools to bring our community together. A proprietary development of Merlin Hub that represents a turning point in the office market.

Predictive maintenance

From the automated point of view, every building at Merlin Hub is managed in a centralized way. For that, Merlin Hub has installed an IoT-based management system that allows us to have real-time information and data on the performance of the buildings. This way, we can establish a predictive maintenance system that, thanks to artificial intelligence, is able to detect incidences even before they occur.

Maximum connectivity

And, to make this possible, Merlin Hub has the maximum connectivity levels in every corner of each building through the Wired Scored certificate. It is a certification that establishes the connectivity standards of the buildings to guarantee the greatest speed of uploading and downloading data in every space, including common areas and external spaces. With this certification, Merlin Hub incorporates connectivity as one of the major excellence criteria, something that acquires special importance given the imminent launch of 5G technology.