Merlin Hub

The change that is about to happen in the northern part of Madrid in the next few years will be the greatest urban transformation of the Spanish modern history, with all due respect to the works of Seville Expo or the Olympics of Barcelona ‘92 and comparable to the change that Bilbao has gone through during the last 25 years. And Merlin Hub Madrid Norte will be one of the drivers of what is destined to be called “the new center of Madrid”.



Merlin Hub Madrid Norte, which comprises a total of 327,438 square meters of prime offices in the northern part of Madrid, adds an element of vitality to this area of the metropolis and also does so in the short term. By bringing together pre-existing facilities and giving them a new dimension through innovation, mobility, sustainability and common services, the project will have a very positive impact on the northern part as a whole.


Currently, countries like Germany, Italy, Great Britain and the Netherlands are developing high-impact urban renewal projects where they apply the latest innovations in urban planning. There are also big initiatives being carried out outside Europe, in cities like New York, Toronto or Sydney.

 Cycling is the way to progress!

These projects are greatly based on sustainable mobility and conceived to create cities in which different land uses mix and complement each other. In the contemporary city, dwellings coexist with offices and stores, something essential to create dynamic public spaces from an urban and human point of view.

In this context, Madrid, with its action plan for the north area, leads the list of major actions with a length from north to south of 5.6 kilometers, which corresponds to the distance between Neptuno square and Plaza de Castilla.


Mobility will be one of the cornerstones of Merlin Hub Madrid Norte. The more than 30,000 people who work in the buildings comprised by it will be able, through the Merlin Hub App, to enjoy several options of sustainable mobility, an alternative to private transportation. From this app, users will be able to take out car-sharing services or electric bikes, share transportation with colleagues or consult the best route to go on a scooter.

In this new center, which is more dynamic, kinder and more humane, the office ecosystem of Merlin Hub Madrid Norte is designed in such a way that the people that use it will be as happy as possible during their working hours.


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